The 360 Company

The 360 Company assists businesses in obtaining Federal, State, and Local government business through GSA and TXMAS contracts. A GSA contract, also known as a MAS or Multiple Award Schedule contract, can be awarded to multiple companies. It is a tool that allows federal agencies to buy from you without the requirement of the national bidding process. The average active GSA contract holder does over $3.7 Million dollars of business with the Federal government.

TXMAS contracts are similar to GSA contracts, except they are with the State of Texas.  A TXMAS contract is a Multiple Award Schedule similar to a GSA contract that gives 300 State Agencies and more than 1,700 co-op members access to your products and services without having to go through the competitive bidding process.

We provide Turnkey Proposal Services, Contract Maintenance, Training, and Marketing Services. This document serves as our proposal to you.

GSA Schedule Contracts

As part of a growing trend initiated by the previous presidential administration, the federal government has been outsourcing the fundamental functions of government. Everything from troop deployment, office management, computer networking, building maintenance, to vehicle repair…the government purchases nearly every product and service imaginable. This trend can be verified by spending over the last five years. The federal government spends nearly twice as much as it did five years ago on outsourced business…Over 400 Billion dollars! To fill this growing need, the General Services Administration initiated a program that makes it easier for government agencies to buy from you. Called the GSA Schedules program, it is a 20 year contract that allows government buyers to purchase goods and services from you and bypass the “complete and open competition” bidding process. Since you negotiate your rates with the government up front, the competition requirement is satisfied.

The GSA has identified about 50 general categories or “Schedules” of business that the government buys the most of. Within these schedules, there are several subcategories called SINS – Special Item Numbers. Instead of awarding just one company to provide the products or services within a SIN, the GSA is always accepting proposals for new companies and government agencies can buy from any of the companies that are in a particular SIN. The competition in a given SIN varies from 1 company to over 1,000 companies.

Once awarded a GSA contract, companies can then approach government agencies just like they approach any other company and sell to them. There are passive marketing tools – those in which orders will come to you – that include GSA Advantage and GSA eBuy. Most successful GSA vendors utilize more active marketing techniques including cold calling, direct marketing, and more.

TXMAS Contracts

In 2002, the State of Texas adopted the GSA program for its own use and called it the TXMAS program. Vendors with GSA contracts can apply with the state to obtain a TXMAS contract. This allows you to sell to 300 state agencies and 1,700 co-op agencies throughout the state. The TXMAS program is rapidly growing and being used much more often with purchasers in the state. In fact, the average TXMAS contractor does over $700,000 in sales with the state.